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My Handmade Tube Amplifiers


You enjoy Drills, Metal Hole Punches, Eye protection, Cut-proof Gloves

Workbench, Good lighting, Hand tools, Metal reamers and essential test Equipment

This is the result of 26 years of Tube Amplifier exploration

My Classic "Vintage" Restorations


Depending on the severity of your affliction for Classic Tube Amps

You may experience a slight sense of disorientation, or limbic palpitations

When the truth is finally revealed!

"How much was that? for parts only?"

The Speakers of the House


Sorry, closed on January 6th :-) hehe...

A "Una-Tuber" Manifesto

Propane & Sterno "Tube Preppers"

Water Cooler chats on Audio legacy

Thoughts on Status-Quo

General topics

A few rants

"Man-Cave" Audio Spa


"Classic Tube Amp Hypertension"

How to operate 1950's and 60's Tube Amps on

120+ Volts AC without "over-voltage"


Helping people deal with rust bucket "Post Tube Stress Disorder"

Tube Amplifier Purchases


Post Tube Stress Disorder

for real two-way e-mail dialogue

If you have a problem with your Tube Amp

Let me know, I am always willing to help and guide

The cure for those $550.00 rust bucket EBay listings

The Electrical Safety Center


Safety first, preventing accidents @ 120/240VAC nothing is trivial 

Electrical Shocks can be deadly, know the facts

Electricity and Shocks are lethal

Some preventive Tube Amp medicine


Technical workshop for the "Clinically Curious"

How to Measure, Calculate and Interpret

DC Voltage, DC Current and Power (Watts)

 The audacious Hammond's & Leslie's

I have lots of Hammond Troubleshooting Tips to share

 not finished, more to come.

Subjective Vacuum Tube Guide

A Tubes only pages section partly under construction

Classic Tube Amp Field Guide

Tips on Hunting for a Classic Tube Amps & making the most of your Vintage Safari

The short & skinny on the care and feeding of old Tube Amplifiers

Setting up Shop to do things right.

After all, the truth is technical


Saving the Best For Last...

My "Deep Dive" in Technical Subjects and Living with Math

to get you on the correct path towards Tube Valhalla


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