Contact me via e-mail shermanaudio@shermanaudio.com for help, advice, some personal schematics.

Tips or help in fixing or creating your very own home brew tube amplifier.

No charge, just part of loving this as a hobby and helping my fellow Tube lovers. 

The purpose of my Web site is primarily to share information and ideas with other's out there.

Those looking to understand these antique and new circuits a bit better.

The personal journey on which I have embarked as a "tube'o'phile" and DIY community member

is long from being over, after 27 years enjoying Tube Audio.

The costs of the domain name registration, the web hosting services

and any other related item are all covered by Me so this makes this my web site 100% pro-bono.

I am also available in real-time, just ask me for my landline and provide me a phone number

so I know from caller-ID that I am not being sold an Auto Warranty Plan or a Fake IRS recording.

My joy is working with electronics, circuits and troubleshooting.

So why not be a pro-bono mentor to the world yourself?

Having a Website is rewarding as it helps humanity weed through the

bombardment of Social, Mainstream and wherever they call Media today.

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