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Legacy vacuum tube music amplifiers & restorations

U.S. classics from the mid 50's to the early 70's

Vacuum tube practicalities explained in detail

2 Channel Legacy Stereo Audio Systems

Ideas on building at home Tube Amps/Preamps

Particularly of interest to hobbyists and collectors


A proud member IEEE since 1982 in good standing

Amateur Radio KP4FIR CW operator since I was a teenager

FCC General Radiotelephone w/Radar Endorsement license holder

Professional Engineer P.E.

A few of my recommended publications on Tube Audio and Amplifier Circuits

Great books, on Vacuum Tube Electronics Theory, Design and also Construction

"ShermanAudio, not just turning knobs, making Tube Amps happen since 1996"

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Empowering our Neo-Technical World, One Electron at a time

Energizing Speaker Voice coils, Vibrating Speaker Cones

Making Music, Transmitting and Receiving Radio Waves

Powering factories, Electric Vehicles, Building and Homes

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