Safety First

Be extremely cautious & careful with live Electricity

Careful with charged Capacitors

Exposed electrical connections, spacing-out is lethal

Do not wear long sleeves or loose shirts.

Wear rubber shoes, preferably rated for Electrical work.

If measuring energized equipment with Voltage probes

Be rested, slow, deliberate and always methodical

When measuring live equipment, one hand always in the pocket

and the measuring hand, securely graspiing the Voltage probe.

This is extremely important with PC Boards, as one slip of the Voltage probe

can damage Integrated Circuits, create damage and cause the PC

board to be completely useless. PC Board repair is an Art, it is

never trivial and requires skill, & temperature controlled de-soldering equipment.

Even de-energized equipment can shock, if Capacitors

discharge when they come in contact with your skin.'

This discharge current can find a current path

if this current path goes through your Heart, it can be fatal

Proper training is the responsibility of the Hobbyist

to learn from a proper safety curriculum

ShermanAudio is a Hobby, not a Business

If you need Safety Training visit the OSHA Website for lots of great resources


"Untrained people create problems, Clever people fix them, Wise people avoid them"

The message is not discouragement, but a realistic safety position on

working with exposed residential AC connections, PC Boards or wires

Safety tip: creating external power supply chassis

If you want to create an external Power Supply solution great, but do it the proper way as shown in my illustration below

One never should create a Power Supply with exposed potentially live connections, the umbilical cord with the

exposed pins always is fastened to the Preamplifier while the receptacle that contains the dangerous

voltages is always installed on the Power Supply

Preamplifiers benefit from separate Power Supplies

Please do them right!

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