The Spirit & Soul

Preventive maintenance for the Spirit & Soul

Listening to Music in the presence of God


is not pleasure

is pain in disguise

is a Cancer of the Soul

feeds off the Human Ego



The Holy Bible

The Human Service Manual. Chapters on Love, Hate, Envy, Jealousy, Evil

It contains collective Wisdom of the ages, relevant to the Human condition.

Topics on every possible subject that affect our Souls.

I suggest owning it's many versions, the Truth is always between the lines

It takes a huge effort to understand, but worthy of our Soul and it's protection.

The Urantia Book

The 5th Revelation

The Human Technical Manual

Those who claim the Holy Bible is BS, can they also handle Truth?

Maybe, sure I hope so, dare to read, attempt to understand.

Life is not simple

Faith contains more Energy than an Atomic detonation

Faith can heal, but we all bear our own Cross.

Nothing will be simple in our lives.

The Talmud of Jmmanuel

Ancient Aramaic scroll, the source text of the Gospel of Matthew.

Written in Aramaic, found in a cave last century, encased in resin.

Wisdom from Jesus Christ himself, no redactions.

These are the direct Words of Jesus transcribed/translated

into German and English

We are ONE, divisions and borders are Man made illusions.

Traps and snares to fool our Souls, keeping truth concealed.

Make an effort to raise your vibration, to heal your body, awaken Truth.

Truth is Unitary, the path is Unitary, there is but one Truth.

That path is within You, so seek and you shall find, ask and You shall receive.

Open your Mind to what is not an illusion, the local Universe awaits You.

Jesus is but a Prayer away, pray for everyone who is lost in this construct.

Maybe to include Yourself?

Earth (Urantia)

She speaks to Us, but we choose not to listen.

The beings we call Animals, are completely fluent in Her language.

How can we not hear Her scream, as we Witness Her suffering

and the suffering or Her beings, including Humans?

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