Visual Vitae

Electrical and RF Engineering

Logged 1.48 Million Miles AA, and still counting.

From globetrotting, implementing, designing and educating

My space is in RF Engineering, with a proven global perspective.

My evolving skillset

Hundreds of Radio System Proposals.

Thousands of Engineering Drawings

Many Labor Estimates

Pricing Modeling

Engineering Economic Analysis

Hundreds of Live Presentations

Key Note Speaker

Dozens of Radio System installations

Ad-hoc solutions optimized and operational

Emergency Operation Center Design

3GPP Regulatory Spectrum engagement

RF Intermodulation analysis

RF Interference mitigation

National PTT's, ILEC/CLEC, Regulators, U.S. FCC

Military interoperability

Disaster recovery planning and execution

Transportable Radio "RoIP" over LTE/WCDMA

HF Radio Communications

Ship to Submarine 20 KHz Hydrophones

Dismounted, Vehicular, Base, Ship and Air; Tactical Waveforms


Mobile Routers and IP

Access, Border and Core IP design

2G-3G-EPC Core Network Design, Dimensioning

Network Management FCAPS

MSC Server, RNC, EPC


LMR; Motorola, EFJ, Codan, and L3 Harris Solutions

RAPTR, EDX Signal Pro Coverage Analysis

Microsoft SW Suite

AutoCAD & Visio

AGILE Database

Erlang B & C Traffic Analysis

Power Peak Load Letters

Site Load Calculations


Emergency DC & AC Power

Fuel Tanks and Environmental

Antenna Tower Surveys

Renewable Energy Systems

Micro inverters

Technical Trainer and Mentor

On Isaac Newton

Give credit when and where credit is due

Give your "Giants" due credit in your Resume

We all know that You were not alone.

Isaac Newton, in a letter, a long time ago wrote;

"What Des-Cartes [sic] did was a good step.

You have added much in several ways & especially in taking

the colours of thin plates into philosophical consideration.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

My "Neo tech" Resume.

Resume of

Richard E. Sherman-Miranda, PE

Electrical & Wireless Engineer

Motorola 1986-1987

Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico & Vieques

Privacy Plus-Smartnet-SmartZone-INTRAC-Centracom

Page Bridge - Sensar - BPR200 - Spirit- MICOR/APCOR - Golay Sequential Code

Starplex-Multiplex, DVP, DES, Saber...

was there, and just soaked it all in.

I realized then that College, was not about the real world.

RF Interference Field Analysis

Motorola Ford Bronco

MX-300 Code Plug & Edgardo 2x2

My JVC Boom-Box on the side

Maintained DOH - Department of Health 450 MHz Radio System

Starplex-Multiplex Analog Microwave Backbone.

Island-Wide MICOR Repeaters, Centracom I and II Dispatch

MICOR/Apcor Motorola Life Saving ECG Telemetry

Emergency Room ECG Consoles.

Paging Encoders, PURC Transmitters.

Privacy Plus 800 MHz Trunked Radio.

Smartnet Island Wide 800 MHz Trunked System

Radio and ECG Operator Trainer - EMS Professionals at Camp Guajataca

AFWTF Roosevelt Roads 1987-1988

Preventive Maintenance - Analog Microwave

Klystron Vacuum Tubes

MW Transmitter with 1,250VDC Safety Interlock

The safety briefs were dead serious, no smiles.

(Alonso my Radio Mentor - U.S. Navy)

Traveled on Navy YFU's to Vieques for Preventive Maintenance

Worked at the Monte Pirata Vieques Tower

I loaded the pickup at 0430

Boarded YFU at 0545 for 0600 departure.

Return YFU at Vieques Dock 1530 to Roosy Roads.

Also worked on East end Cerro Matias Communications Support

I had the honor and pleasures to meet & work with Ed Stevenson.

Ed was one of the Apollo Program "Range Rats"

Ed mentored me in few key sentences, very humble, soft spoken.

I gave Ed rides home to Fajardo and enjoyed His company very much.

Ed did not like to Drive, I didn't see any issue with that.

His wife was a charmer, so sweet and full of light.

When Ed spoke, we all focused and listened.

He taught me how VLF & ELF frequencies behave, super interesting topic.

Ed had an old Desktop Console, with a vintage Microphone

I once asked someone;

"What is that old thing?"

I then learned that the Consolette was hard-wired

over a dedicated circuit to NASA Cape Canaveral & also Houston.

If NASA ever needed help, they would talk directly to Ed.

Note that the B52 runway at Ramey AFB was an Emergency STS landing site.

I never asked another question about Ed, left Him to his responsibilities.

My mentors at AFWTF were:

Bonano, Villafane, Herminio, Alonso, Dan W., and of course Ed S.

Villafane taught me how to manage the KSP and WAS Loops in the Patch Bays.

Herminio taught me how to use Cupcake Pans to keep sequential track of screws

when working on the Rockwell Collins radios (built like Tanks).

Alonso & I traveled to Sprat Hall Underwater Range in St. Croix.

No details here just lots of HF Site work and periodic

Preventive maintenance of classified systems.

Motorola 1987-1991

Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico & Vieques

So as a Young Engineer with a brilliant potential, Motorola'

decided to hire me back. It only took one Lunch a Year away from Motorola

for them to realize who they lost. The Director C. Silva invited me to Lunch

at a popular Ceiba Restaurant, El Ivoneeh, and I negotiated terms.

He did persuade Me as I was offered a much better position commensurate

with my talent and capabilities, not really experience, as I had only 2 years.

This has been the underlying theme of my career

Always departing from mediocre situations because of the unmotivated peers.

I find it very difficult to work with folks who are "legends in their own minds".

Nevertheless, this trend has always driven me towards excellence.

Every step forward, does not always achieve desired results.

But staying the course, does, and having determination & grit helps.

Responsibility is the stuff of adults who care, not the smartest, but the wisest.

I have been called Naive, by these same "legends", so I just smile and continue

moving forward. And these legends are also within my own family and

they keep themselves together in Clans, safely away from my nerves.

It is typical for feeble minds, to gather, criticize, instead of understanding.

Perspective takes effort, an open mind, takes an internal revolution.

One has to stop the gut from dictating your life, it is actually as simple as this.

After all who wants to support a Fidel Castro in your Solar Plexus?


Amerada Hess - St. Croix - Smartnet

Smartnet 800 MHz Trunked System

Freddy S. & our heavy Motorola Service Monitor

These were MSF-5000 Stations

Freddy  S below, was ex Dominican Military

He was a bright technician, nice to work with

I learned a few good RF things from Freddy.

He was great reading schematics, I mean very, very good.

Schematics were a Roadmap to Freddy, He knew all the signs.

He saw AC, DC and Digital Data across the connections.

He had the ability to see electrical movement

where there were just symbols on a piece of paper.

Motorola all-star Sales Professional

Mr. Duhamel M.

The consummate Motorola Salesman in 1988-95

Duhamel's attitude, in the photo below, speaks all by itself.

Well dressed and confident, Motorola has the best stuff

Duhamel knew how to Sell Motorola better than anyone, that was a fact.

Motorola had just received, the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award.

We were a proud bunch, and showed it every single day.

My Tio Paquito to this day, still thinks I work for Motorola.

That is how branding makes an impact on People.

The folks at AFWTF nicknamed me Motorola.

My visits to Schaumburg were just shy of a UFO abduction into a huge Mother ship.

Motorola HQ was a place of wonder and technology, sometimes even better than that.

I received a hand written commendation letter from Larry Shockley

for my efforts after Hurricane Hugo devastated PR, Vieques and St Croix.

Below is Duhamel M., hand carrying customer equipment to our

MSS - Motorola Service Center at Metro Office Park,

Duhamel was a door to door service guy, with a Smile.

He was also an Audiophile like Me, we did coincide and enjoy

Music together on his Klipsch Fortes.

At Motorola, our Sales guys also rolled up their sleeves!

They visited our installations even late at night.

Held Wattmeter's, drove back for Parts, etc.

Sales supported us Engineers and Tech's with Coffee & Donuts

Also the occasional shhhh "Six-Pack" in the 80's.

I was the Service Center Supervisor, just out of College.

So Young and OMG what a Job that was for Me!

Customers never called to say;  Thank You Richard

Maybe Doña Pla of Electromatic, She appreciated Us.

Customers called Me on Friday at 4:45pm....


Hemos tenido el mismo problema con los radios desde el lunes?

We rolled out, often, for an unscheduled all Nighter

Using Pay Phones at 3am to Call for Help.

SME's would get a Pager alert and answer our call.

How many times did you stand next to a ringing payphone at 3am?

in a bad neighborhood, waiting for a Motorola SME to call?

I maintained the IBM ARDIS Network with FRU's and

lots of rooftops. A Ponce service call was a turning point in my maturity.

I chose to support my Diabetic Technician than obey a Motorola Manager

at 3:30am ordering me to stay on site, while my friend was turning white.


Mr. Luis Ivan Aleman

Ivan was my mentor at Motorola, an amazing FTR.

Ivan could fix anything, and I would call Him for help when stumped (from a landline of course).

Once we got the 5 Channel Privacy Plus System on the air in El Yunque, we just used our Radios.

Ivan scolded me about my Call Alerts, His radio would beep all night as He left it always On.

Ivan took me under his Wings, was selfless, and just gave me a piece of His Technical mind.

Ivan loved to ask me Engineering questions, and my explanations were well received and understood.

Ivan and I spent many road trips together, in the USVI and Puerto Rico.

Our best Dinner was in Christiansted St. Croix, we has Lobster and Steak Diane, we never forgot.

Sadly, Ivan Passed Thursday Sept 14th, 2023

Se te extraña mucho Ivan, que descanses en Paz con el Señor

Mr. Gerry Caballero

My other Mentor at Motorola was Gerry Caballero. He is a special type of

person, who goes beyond the ordinary. Gerry was to Me like a combination spiritual advisor and brother.

His two Sons are amazing Men today, but kids back in the day. Gerry taught me confidence in myself. He would send me

alone to my first FTR engagements, and I was scared. He would give me pep-talks always telling Me to

believe in myself, even when I was not able to get the job completed. I did lots of INTRAC work with Gerry for

Acueductos, in Aibonito and Fajardo. The Fajardo Water System in itself was one of the hard lessons learned jobs.

I always respected Gerry and we coincided again at Cellular ONE when I returned back to Puerto Rico in 1997.

Whenever Gerry needed to make a decision later in His career, He used a pendulum to determine what actions were

needed. He was an advocate of Neutralism, a philosophy of Life that I then became interested in and read the Books

that Gerry recommended. This ultimately took me to the Urantia Book, the rest is up to You to discover. 

My mentors at Motorola were:

Freddy S., Ivan A. (RIP), Edgardo, Cesar S., Gerry C., Karl W.

Luis A.G., U.S. Marine, Ret., Richard P., Ricardo S. (RIP)

Ericsson-GE 1991-1996

Seoul Office - Collaboration with Grumman Data Systems

The only Grumman guy name I recall was Shaun Huang, Finance, I wonder why?

The wonderful /// Engineer on my right side is Young Bok-Kee; smart, funny, empathetic.

The other Grumman Engineer on my left, He understood Korean Culture well.

We used to go to "The White House", the Owner/Bartender/DJ all-in-one played our favorite LP's

Montrose, Zeppelin, RUSH, Steely Dan, Parliament....

I was working on a huge K.N.P. EDACS Multisite System Proposal.

We won that one!

It was the first and last time that I worked for 3 days and 2 nights in the same

clothes, never left the Office and delivered a winning design.

Then I was 6 weeks in-country in pre award negotiations at the KNP HQ.

I have never returned to Korea, but Korea, it changed my perspective, forever.

From the Itae-Won crawls, and a deep Korean Culinary exploration, Korea was amazing.

The Hot Soup with a Cold Washcloth on Saturday Morning, and the Kerosene heaters.

I played lots of Darts & Pool at the "Nashville Club"

Worked late nights and used my PC skills to transfer files to Lynchburg

over dial-up with my TELEX SW and Z-Modem.

Lots of Expats and U.S. Military stationed nearby my Hyatt Hotel.

I also designed and was awarded a $7.3 MUSD Multisite 800 MHz EDACS Radio System

for Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, Island Wide.

We deployed SCAT Technology way before it became the

P25 "Composite Control Channel", way, way before that.

General Electric EDACS was ahead of it's time.

With a 9600 bps Control Channel vs. Motorola 3600 bps.

Simulcast Site Spacing's was easier with Motorola

But at 9600, our Channel Assignments were faster, and we

used Transmission Trunking much better than the competition'

who relied on Message Trunking to keep up The Motorola 3 beeps

on channel assignment were just 2 beep on the EDACS System.

Our Failsafe was not Fail-soft, the GETC kept Trunking with the loss

of the Main Controller. Motorola would fail into Conventional Fail-soft.

Those were interesting times for Me, indeed.


Volusia County EDACS 27 Channel Analog Trunked Simulcast

Here was a true reality check. I was relocated to the Tampa FL area to be the Systems Engineer of record

for a large EDACS Simulcast System. Our sub-contractor was Communications International of Vero Beach.

I worked with many amazing Technicians, Engineers and Project Managers.

Ben P., George C., Bob S., Joe K, and lots more.

Here is where I truly honed my skills in the field.

From the Sandy Soil of Florida that is a terrible place to establish a RF Ground.

To the intricacies of the Tri-Synchronization of the EDACS Control Point

where the Audio Curve +/- 1 dB, the Timing with WWVB and the Phase of the Signals

was critical. Analog Simulcast Trunked Systems back then were difficult to calibrate.

Endless Voice Channel sweeps on the NEC Channel Banks, to the Driving of Volusia County

with Robert J. the 85 MPH madman, passing Alligators on back roads as we measured

7 Simultaneous RF Carriers on a Test Setup designed by Bob Canada of Ericsson-GE.

It was not only a Job, but an adventure.

On the road

Being away from my Wife and Home was tough, for both of Us.

There were days we would not talk, I spent a total of 35+ weeks away from Home

Home on the weekend, even my Pug didn't like my absence.

I still recall parking my MGB on Friday at 7pm in Tampa, and

jumping into my Hot Tub to melt the week away.

My lessons learned

The drive was 2x per week, Mon and Fri, in my 1973 MGB, lovely Car.

148 miles, between Tampa and the Hampton Inn on International Drive.

Every week, week after week.

I did this drive for 8+ months and I can still feel the pain in my left knee from pushing

the Clutch on I-4 traffic jams, when passing through Orlando FL at rush Hour on Friday.

I was listening to Ed Till, Howard Stern on FM. I also enjoyed Rush Limbaugh who had a talk show.

Rush Limbaugh, He was an early version of Alex Jones.

These guys shared a similar way to "cut through the Mass Media bullshit".

The Volusia County Manager had a bumper sticker:


Was He? it is all up to You baby.

All in all, working on this complex analog EDACS System

prepared me for much later when I had to deploy a huge

Multi-Country Ericsson GSM System in the OECS with Ericsson.

In Castries, St. Lucia working until 10pm and recovering

on the weekends at the Happy Day Bar in Rodney Bay.


Mr. Chris Fauser

I would not have been able to understand, the importance of Sales Engineering,

until my career path crossed with Mr. Chris Fauser. Life and God place certain people, who are

so different and unique, who embrace talent and also mentor.

 Chris Fauser was a revolution in the early development of my true Sales potential.

Until Chris I was just another Technical guy with a personality.

Now traveling alongside Chris was the most transcendental part of my early career development

As an early career Engineer, I was exposed to Sales Cycles, Quotas and Revenue.

Orders Booked, Net Sales and Forecasting.

I leaned so many key Sales skills from Chris, I would not be today what I am, a full spectrum


Electrical & Sales Engineering Professional

Thank you Chris, for mentoring me by your kind example.

Your talents and skills in my early years were a ray of light.

As I was surrounded by job-security average persons who worked in our Ericsson-GE realm.

From my first long international trip to Santiago Chile, looking at Mt. Aconcagua from the Ladeco Flight.

To the excursions in the Brazil Amazon and the Mexico Yucatan.

Chris and I landed the PREPA EDACS Contract, and we celebrated in a Tent at the River Ridge Mall

parking lot in Lynchburg, VA. As soon as We landed, our lovely Wives met us with Smiles.

It was a great feeling to have designed a $7.5 MUSD EDACS Multisite System, by myself, literally and technically.

I also had the great help of Mr. Gordon Sergeant, our Longley-Rice coverage SME.

Chrias I owe you a debt of gratitude & a sincere hug from this interconnected world.

The IP world that we now inhabit, from wherever You are Chis, Godspeed.

Give Chapel a Hug, and always remember that She has an amazing Father.

May your Golf handicap be on the decline, with lower scores and fewer Beers.


Jakarta Airport - Radio Project

Airport EDACS Proposal & Informasi

Weekend break time, from work @Ragunan Zoo

If you haven't felt real Heat and Humidity.... get ready for Indonesia.

The Baby Tiger and also Baby Rhinoceros

close up and personal, meeting and touching these incredible Mammals

was a memory I will never ever forget. We must conserve what we have.

I went into the Orangutan Cage and met the Big Guy, in person

He gave me a huge Hug and wanted a Kiss Peck on the Lips.

I obliged, then He gave me a High-5, incredible memories.

Looking into The Huge Male Orangutan's eyes was just like a Human, there was a Person there.

The Zoopeker gave me the Special Tour, $20

meeting the Zoo Tenants up close and personal,

I walked into their cages, into the Baby Rhino pen, amazing.

Having a Soda and a Bowl of Rice at the Zookeepers Home on premise

He was Humble and so real, there were real people, in a real Zoo.

His name was Yan Yayan, I always make friends, always.

I remember details, not all, but most.

His Girlfriend, She taught me some Bahasa-Indonesia

Yan was bi-lingual, but She was not

Her smile communicated without words.

Trimakasi, slamatingal

That same day, after Lunch, we took a day trip to Safari Park

A 5 hour round trip

We arrived back early evening, a long amazing day in Jakarta.


Jari - Monte Dourado - Pará - Brasil

EDACS Coverage Survey VHF and 800 MHz

I visited a historic HUGE Eucalyptus Farm in the Amazon Jungle.

The factory was built in Japan and floated on a barge around

Cape Horn, Africa. Then floated down the Amazon River

Anchored on the shores of the Jari River in Monte Dourado -MTD.

National geographic featured this story.

The mastermind was Mr. Ludwig.

The following Year, the price of Cellulose crashed.

Sounds familiar, same thing happened with Sugar & Puerto Rico.

The master commodities manipulators, always hard at work...

São Paulo - Santos - The hometown of Pelé

My EDACS Training Instructor days for Eletropaulo

We collaborated with LOPER INFORMATICA Scada.

I remember working with Source Code, changing Hex to

alter the SCADA Modems to operate at 2400 bps

allowing some data headroom on the narrow EDACS 25 KHz Channels.

We used EDACS Radio Data Protocol for remote RF substation control

Photo@Eletropaulo, Baixada Santista

Mérida - Yucatan - Mexico

Site Surveys for EDACS VHF Proposal CFE

Fate would have it that Ing. Velasco's Son and I would

meet again and collaborate in Mexico City on the CFE radio system.

Ing. Velasco is in the center. Merida reminded me of Ponce, PR.

Hot, Dry and very happy people. I will return some day to

enjoy Cochinita Pibil and the Archaeology of the Yucatan region.

Cellular ONE 1997-2000

Guaynabo P.R.

Nortel D-AMPS & DMS500 Core

Deployed an Anti-Fraud RF Phone Print Subsystem.

We installed 45 sites in 60 days, a record that earned

me a Award and a Letter from then Governor Roselló.

Gerry Caballero was again a team member from my Motorola days.

All I can recall is filling out tons of Material Request Procurement forms, by hand, in ink.

There was a guy called Roger Batson, who was a real character that many

of my colleagues shunned. We smoked Marlboro's and shot the breeze

many times at the Catano Warehouse before Roger resigned.

Other than Disaster Recovery I was only there a short time.

Cellular ONE was not a place where I felt I could grow

my career. The people there were all very kind and I supervised

two Drafting Professionals and one amazing Engineer Raul who was also a Ham Radio Operator.

We created all of the "As-Built Cell Site" documents that I also reviewed, red-lined and approved.

Cellular ONE Photos are in-process

This was one company, where I had no mentors, as nobody

taught me anything, it was a technically lonely seat to fill.

L.M. Ericsson /// 2000-2010

Senior Systems Engineer

Vice President of Customer Solutions and Sales Support

Head of Technology - Regulatory


Simply 10 amazing years - 3GPP Core & RAN Network Design

Ericsson /// remains to this day, the best company I have

ever had the privilege to contribute to, simply an amazing corporate

culture, and a technical legacy bar none. /// are simply the best, awe inspiring people.

Some of my best work was done at Ericsson from GSM System

deployments, to Key Note Speaker at CANTO and CARICAM.

I look back at this time as magical, and difficult for my Family.

We both made sacrifices, and it was worth every night away from my dear Wife.

She made the best of things and became a Realtor to earn Herself a place

in the Puerto Rican market for Homes.

Stadsholmen - Gamla Stan


I did not take many photos as most of my Ericsson labor

was intensive desk work or public speaking.

I did deploy a large Digicel GSM network in the OECS and

am still looking for those missing photos. On a positive note, I spent 1 year

traveling to St. Lucia, at night studied for 6 month's and finally

passed my Professional Engineering Examination. Everyone told me

that I would never pass this at my Age... well now we know.

My mentors were K. Correa, M. Silva, S. Trocher, H. Werkman, J. Ayala

Harris RF Communications 2010-2015

Public Safety and Professional Communications

Lynchburg, VA

VIDA/P25T and C/OpenSky Systems/PSAP/Tier 1 and 2 GPS/BeON/Falcon Responder

Below photo of Algiers from the back seat of our Escorting Car.

This was my return to Land Mobile Radio, like a long lost friend after years of 3GPP/UMTS/LTE.

Algiers was incredible, the people so humble and friendly.

Muslims are the most precious of cultures, and we have to preserve their

Homes, Legacies and protect them for future generations.

What you see on TV is character assassination, simple, don't believe it.

Algiers, Algeria


I attended 4 weeks of Training in Las Vegas with Jaime and Marlene.

It was a great time watching the Area 51 "Conspiracy" white and red Plane just across the

street from the PSPC Training Center. Every day Area 51 lovers parked and watched that Plane

Land and depart. I suppose they never tried to actually apply for a job at Area 51, I never did.

OpenSky Class - Nevada

This was a Mexico City CFE OpenSky Radio System deployment

Using 800 MHz, 4 Slot TDMA @ 25 KHz, 19.8 kbps CDPD based Data.

Also implemented a Lockheed Martin Universal Communications Platform UCP.

This was interoperability with CFE Harris Falcon II HF Radios

Lockheed Martin had a great Gateway Product.

In Mexico I also dealt with VSAT and lots of UNIX and Sweating.

My best troubleshooting tool was my iPhone & Headset, it freed both

of my hands to make the Keyboards easier to manage while talking to Tech Support.

Codan Communications 2015-2021

Ashburn, VA & Victoria, BC

P25C Simulcast MT4E, Etherstack Core

Codan was a small company with a Huge Heart, and the best RF Repeater in the world.

They are now Zetron and promise to deliver amazing P25 compliant solutions.

I heard that MT-5 is coming, IWCE 2024 I am there already!

Below an MT-4E Series, the Swiss Army Knife of RF Repeater Stations

Versatile, granular, and infinitely configurable.

Able to withstand severe climates from Freezing to 95% Salt Air Humidity.

If I was to choose a Conventional or P25C Repeater Station to install and abandon

for 20 years, I can only recommend Codan MT-4E.

This is fact, not my opinion, just ask any MT Series customer, they will all tell

You that the MT Series Repeaters are simply the best of breed.


MT-4E P25 with AC-3E Audio Card and On-Board 30 Watt RFPA

Stratus - The best transportable on the market, just ask the FBI.

My employee sponsored, T&L cost reduction initiative at the Holiday Inn.

Just a few of the amazing Codan Team I collaborated with

Mark M., John M., Paul S., James R.

Ben P., Paul M., Jim L., Richard W., Clif O.

Sara E., Caitlin J., Dale R., Fulya O., Don B.

Pete L., Gary R.

and many more....

L3 Harris Technologies 2021-Present

Tactical Communication Systems


We protect & serve our Country & Nation Partners

Photo at undisclosed location

I am the Third Engineer from the right, this is what an L3 Harris team

does, teamwork, camaraderie and the best Tactical Communications in the Industry.


Delivering lives Demos, Line of sight (LOS), HF-ALE

Dismounted, Vehicular, Base/HQ, Airborne, Shipboard and Submarine.

VSAT, BGAN, Drone, FVR-90, the portfolio is deep and wide.

My work is ITAR, excuse my brevity and lack of pictures.

I protect our Nation and so should You.

Most of the time, Cameras are not allowed & frowned upon.

We are ITAR conscious, and our frequent Training, reinforces our

National security of intellectual property, Articles of Defense.

We offer State of the Art Military Tactical Waveforms.

Situational awareness

We have the most comprehensive Military Tactical Communication

System in the industry, being number one is not a privilege, it is earned.

Mentors at L3 Harris:

Gio, Rafa, Rick, Andres, Julian, Tim, David, Demetrio, Juan, Mary-Kay, Karolyn


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