What happens to Societies, from lessons in History & Archaeological sites

Aspects of our present tumultuous era from the Declaration of Independence to
the Digital Information/Disinformation Society that has emerged when new technologies
have been unleashed on a Humanity, that might not have been ready, for the transformative results.

Left, Right, & Center is all an illusion we call Politics.

If this were true, that these divisions exist, we would all be living on separate Left, Right and Center Planets.

But we inhabit the same Planet, and need to come together as a Human race.

We were once the custodians of this amazing Planet until we became its conquerors.

We are destroying everything around us.

Accelerating the worst aspects of our darkest Human nature.

People celebrating Looting, Hate, Ingnorance, Destruction, Corruption and Lethal Chemicals.

It does not take a genius, to predict our near term Future as we are staring right into it,
on the screens of the devices we worship with the addictions we nurture.

If I was to name this period in time, by one word, we are in the age of



Empowering our Neo-Technical World, One Electron at a time

Energizing Speaker Voice coils, Vibrating Speaker Cones

Making Music, iPhones, Tablets, PC's, Streaming, Transmitting & Receiving Radio Waves

Rail Transportation, Electric Vehicles, Smart Buildings, Closing Factories

Over Priced Real Estate and Bubbles, Quantitaive Easing, the ensuing Inflation.

Solar, Wind, Thermal, Nuclear, Renewables, the list is long....

Assuring safety, progress, health and our modern life

Learn Electricity, it will enhance your view of the world

Hunger Games AirB&B in 2050




We are in a current state of affairs, that is part of what we all hope to call


We hope for History, as have hundreds of lost Civilizations.

Civilizations whose archaeology we may or may never discover.

Gobekli Tepe is one amazing location,

An Ode to Tubes would be fitting here, as we are, like old Tubes

Life is about a physical term and a spiritual transition

We are all destined for Physical extinction from the day we were born.

Then we deny anything after we Die, very well, understood.

Any state of perfection is a worthy goal to strive for

mostly unattainable as a collective and history bears this out.

Not until one understands what is really being sold to humanity

might we have that 'aha!' moment.

Just ask yourselves, how did our ancestors ever survive

without the crutches of our Digital World?

How did Children ever enjoy, simple small Wooden Toys, with innocent giggles and laughter.

How did Caruso, through a primitive Victrola, reach out and touch our ancestors hearts?

Old Movies relied on a live Pit Orchestra, how many now have heard a live Orchestra?

Those pit musicians then suddenly under the progress of artificial sound, lost their jobs.

Does this sound familiar, we are sold progress for the sake of progress?

In our recent past, were either present or were absent, we were not ONLINE.

You physically attended a Concert, or You did not.

We once gathered as families, now we cannot afford the Air Travel.

This is mostly due to separations that we call opportunity and progress, for what?


Even simple family gatherings only 10 min drive are just too, too far away.

The same mental state as 150 years ago, excuses, excuses.

Stop blaming the World, blame Yourself.

Every step forward, does not always progress produce

Progress in the Human context is lacking.

Let's put a positive spin on this Mother's Day 2023

For example, we still have Hope, it's called Modern Medicine.

The study and practice of Medicine is an undisputed noble champion of progress.

Medicine  plus becoming a medical Doctor is the noblest of professions

Followed by Nursing, Assisted Living Care, Psychologists, all Human-centric.

So is Welfare, Food Stamps, Public Housing, all Humanity based.

Despite maybe a handful of tone deaf Doctors on the Oath of Hippocrates

We still have a pool of noble Doctors who save lives.

We must understand that we are

Perfect beings, living in a perfect Eco System bombarded with propaganda

An Eco System we are just trashing and apathetic to any cause.

We are never content, so we change things around, rarely for the collective benefit.

We need more US and less ME.

Pink Floyd sang US and THEM, an ode to the Human Condition.

The system had worked, but we are fixing what is, and what was never broken.

The US Constitution was created under God.

But we have wandered far and wide from both.

The USA today is unrecognizable, in a mental stupor.

We tolerate Mass Shootings and Weaponize the Second Amendment.

The "Right to Bear arms" without the inconvenience of a "Well Regulated Militia".

People are pushed to go faster just for entertainment.

I wonder how Stradivari would feel if We asked Him to craft a Violin in 3 months?

We are going faster and faster, to nowhere.

Faster for being fast, does not a better world create.

Airships once rode crystal Blue skies over vast open Seas.

And passengers relaxed, listened to Piano and marveled at the vastness of the world.

We can still Cruise across the Atlantic, and many people do.

How long will this Cruise service last?

And how many Faster Loving humans will board?

Probably none....

What is not being disclosed, are the Dangers that Modern Air Travel poses to unhealthy passengers.

Any wonder why some people die, when they visit High Altitude cities?

When living already Close to the Edge, and the lack of Oxygen spirals into

a predictable outcome, but nobody seems to get it.

That Heart Attack in Bogota was from a US person who could not afford Health Care.

If you have an issue with your Circulation and Heart, stay away from Air Travel.

Unless you know for certain that you are healthy enough for a drop in pressure to 10,000 ft.

Did you ever wonder why Flight attendants

NEVER show people how to Equalize their Ears on Descent?

Scuba Divers understand this, a simple pinch of the nose, and instant relief.

I suppose Lawyers found this a possible reason for a Lawsuit?

Just thinking out loud....

Then, we nervously board and pack into crowded Planes with less and less space.

We then rage over a reclining seat and all those FAA rules that keep us safe.

We now even strike Flight attendants and try top open doors while in flight

The next generation of Pilots and Crew working in the new "American Dystopia"

Will eventually, over the intercom announce the following;

"This is your Pilot Speaking, Welcome on board.

Our experienced crew is here to kindly help and assist all passengers

to keep all of you safe in your travel experience.

Should any passenger feel that they cannot follow simple verbal commands

You can now deplane, and receive a full refund of your airfare.

Should any unruly passenger require restraint during or after departure

Our staff are fully authorized to use our High Voltage Tasers.

Our Jiu-Jitsu certified Flight attendants are also trained to safely restrain

and handcuff any unruly or combative passenger.

We have the right to refuse serving Alcohol to any passenger

who appears intoxicated, independent of their claimed state of mind.

Our aim is to enforce the safety rules of this Aircraft and keep all Passengers safe,

while in Flight, on the Runway and after the Doors are closed.

For the safety of all on board, this applies to all Passengers no exceptions.

So Sit back, Relax, and enjoy your flight to ATL.

Flight attendants, prepare the Cabin for Departure"

As we seem intent on escaping from ourselves, we Drink Alcohol & take Pills

we become a virtual copy of what we once had or never really enjoyed.

The Metaverse to me, is a solution to a problem that does not yet exist.

If we make it to London from New York in 1 hour so what?

How many confirmed appointments are affected?

All of this at the expense of our Stratosphere that protects Human Life?

We are still listening to analog sound pressures we call Music

No different than Digital, but somehow Digital is so much better?

In Media storage and convenience terms, Digital is far superior storage format.

But, it is not and never will be a duplicate copy of the original Analog waveform.

Digital is always an approximation. A Pure Analog recording is a true copy of the

actual performance, with no quantization or Nyquist required.

Digital can but not always offers the most Musical Playback experience.

Music is imperfection that touches us, in many ways we still do not understand.

And our hearing has not changed or evolved that much

Yet, we are sold and purchase frequencies we cannot ever hear.

Hi-End Audio goes astray, like a Blind Man's Eyeglass collection.

Until our Brain itself can decode PCM

without a speaker, we are still all Analog beings.

The realization of a mature Personal Digital experience

comes from a Loudspeaker not the Electronics.

Until then, we can buy all sorts of marvelous Digital Audio gadgets

try to expand our musical panorama with million song libraries.

But we still need a physical Speaker Cone or a Headphone Set to move Air into Music....

Honking Horns, Sirens, Gunfire, Explosions, and Beats of African Drums.

We detected Elephant Talk, by speeding up the Tapes

We heard sounds we had once felt, but never heard.

Whale's communicate in ancient languages and dialects we are still decoding

Dolphins and Orcas also talk, and we think we are smarter.

Bob Marley once sang;

 "There's a Natural Mystic blowing through the Air"

The planet needs more Mystics and less Idiots.

So who recalls the gentle rustle of fallen leaves?

The Songs of Happy Birds?

Chickens making those sounds and actively seeking small insects and worms?

I hope you have, because too many people have not.

We seem to forget that God is always present

God is in all of Us, but some who choose to be the absent, so eventually

God decides to leave us alone, and we know well who these people are.

We are all victims of what we do not understand,

then deliberately choose to ignore and ridicule.

Humans have become false Gods, with massive Egos with Trillions in Fiat currencies.

But these wealthy people never seem happy in Love?

They do not know Love, as Love is not a material object.

Our level of material existence on Earth is a galactic metaphor for failure.

Life itself is a metaphor, we exist in our varying frames of density, interconnected by Truths

that God himself created, that we should see, we even touch and feel, but deny.

We take Truth for granted, lazy as we watch Mainstream, just streaming, never informing.

We are slow to pardon, quick to anger, tailgating fast, in the Left Lanes of modern life.

Nature, is begging for relief, and COVID gave Nature a small break.

Even though the agenda was the opposite of this.

Whales are washing up dead, we don't have to kill them anyone, they are dying alone.

We then obliviously seek causes as excuses to our own destructive nature.

The unseen and unproven, are too risky to consider.

Wars are made necessary, as there is no profit in Peace.

So we escape reality choosing Man Made Chemicals

All with side effects that cannot yet be understood.

But we prohibit Ancient Botanicals, then Weaponize them in the minds of the masses.

We turn cures into weapons and raise the price so only a few can afford them.

We are forced to vaccinate, forced on Godless pronouns, forced by a minority.

The moment we stop seeking answers as a Human Race, when we stop trying...

We then lose what is left, of a dwindling sense of Humanity and Freedom.

Thank God for Gender reveal parties, as the Male and Female are celebrated.

Even if we still survive this enormous paradigm shift we face,

We are still just Humans in a Human condition.

We now face a new Trojan Horse, Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a Ghost in the Machine, that is not going to make our world any better or safer.

AI is the ultimate Control Mechanism standing by to be unleashed on Humans.

AI will unleash Patriot Act II, and this time they will knock on your door,

or you will die from an accident.

Again faster, faster, faster; to become Transhuman?

Another solution to a problem that does not exist.

I can give hundreds of examples of promises made by Technocrats.

Empty promises, that are never honored, and we all know this well.

So on Mother's Day please, consider talking, listening, helping, advising and supporting.

Touch, Feel, Hug, Hear; place yourself in a Beggar's shoes before you judge.

Don't burden others with Hate and Ignorance.

As we drive towards oblivion, ignoring all speed limits and red flags.

When will we Bless others with regular acts of Kindness and Empathy

We are all dethroned Kings and Queens, in a deliberate Corporate construct.

We had Government, and this has been Weaponized.

The Constitution, is now a relic of a better part of the past.

Please, learn to trust your senses, and open your minds.

We are living under a "pre-conditioned" notion of what they think is best for Us.

And They are well disguised, only the dead who dared get close knew They.

The infection is most severe, in closed minds, that readily accept narratives, not facts.

One day, that Beggar, it just might be You; Hungry, Cold, and Wet.

That broken Luxury Car, on a dark and lonely highway

No wallet, No purse or No cell service.

You try to stop a Car and the person speeds up in fear.

When we are clothed, we are ostentatious

When we are naked, we face ourselves.

That Trillionaire hoarding Wealth, is no better that a Fentanyl addict.

Both are addicted, the drugs are not the same, the results speak for themselves.

We are offended by strangers, in their weakest moments.

Our only chance, to wake up from an "implanted version" of reality, in Now.

"You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality"; Ayn Rand.

As most of society is avoiding what is not convenient, we pre-filter and groom News.

Mainstream entertains, but never informs, the few Corporations that slow cook information

until the broadcasted program supports an agenda.

Corporations betray loyal Talk Show Hosts, when they dare to speak truths.

When Wolves are in charge, conscious Sheep, mysteriously fall from windows, accidents?

We seem intently happy in our "bubbles" of existence while staring at display screens.

We are now the product, harvested like Corn in the Fall.

Lurking in the virtual, is a deliberate mental health crisis, captivated inside a virtual realm.

They blame Firearms, but never dare to even fix a Broken National Health Care disaster.

Are we in a realm that does not exist, or does it exist, do we cause it to exist?

Some call this a MATRIX, maybe? plausible?

We are led astray when we laugh about faith in Spirit, Soul and God.

These are only for dreamers or fools, who cannot detach from the "material".

My website, it a Gift, that has been lovingly around for over 22 years.

My website is just drifting alongside on an Ocean full of fraudulent impostors.

I cringe when I read Audio Forums. and the foolish that inhabit that space.

Forums and Un-elected Leaders have the same qualifications, NONE.

Then VPN's keep us cloaked and safe.

But terrorists use VPN's, so they are the next service to fall under the Patriot Act.

They want to close us all down, in the name of protection.

But what is protection without freedom? Who are they protecting?

Our individual freedoms are never the subjects or topics of the hidden agendas.

The annual Covens of opulent mountain villages, that promise a better tomorrow.

They toast with $5000 Wine and complain that the poor and needy are unnecessary eaters.

I would counter that these un-elected trillion Aires are unnecessary hoarders.

We should sell less and give more, expecting nothing in return except maybe a happy face.

I love to trade, and seek fair equity when people offer me Cash that I rarely accept.

The Material, it has no real worth or value, only the Spirit and Love are eternal.

We should choose to create, write, calculate, and prove to thrive.

We have to learn to stand corrected, and grow by our mistakes.

E-mail was once useful, now just a Digital "Ghosting & Phishing Platform".

Telephones are infected by SPAM and Virus.

When we do not recognize a Voice Call, we ignore it.

The growing disrespect towards Elders, and the Pyramid Retirement Schemes are collapsing.

One day, we take for granted that we will also become an Elder, or will we?

The Processed Food Society, packages, markets and sells colorful deception

full of with addictive substances and colorfully attractive, manicured images.

Makes a whole Country Sick, and then come the Pills to the Rescue.

I think it is better to "Fade Away" than to "Burn Out"; sorry Neil, I love your Music.

Think about our Modern Age, as it claims AI Technology will enable humanity to

free up time to spend with Family and Friends, yet both Parents will still have to work.

Parents missing out on the Golden Years of their Children, who quietly stare at devices, all day.

We were promised the notion of greater productivity, but the Corporations

nullify this promise of a work-life balance.

They claim to allow us to Live, when we are already Alive?

AI also has the capacity to enslave humanity.

As profits soar, wealth distribution is weapon zed.

Hungry homeless stare at Satellites orbiting in the sky, wondering if a falling capsule

might have a meal on board.

A Scientist wonders about the same object through a different lens, He is not hungry.

Our Children are clearly victims of an Information Society.

Adults worshipping weapons through high bandwidth connections, with access to

a toxic pollution of marketing and deadly challenges that defy logic.

We are unable to address Mass Shootings, in a state of delusion that now reigns supreme.

Did that TIDE POD challenge seem funny to you?

When an innocent Child dies, from attempting an irrational act?

Crosby, Stills & Nash; Teach Your Children Well

Bob Marley; Tell Your Children the Truth.

We allow physical and online bullying, but dare not complain not to upset the School Principal.

If you take your Child out of the School as a victim, You have to relocate so Your Child

Can attend a new school? What is the point? The Victims are Victimized?

Who is influencing your Child? Do you know what an Influencer is and does?

Have you cared to look at the new Textbooks being used in Public Schools?

If you never saw Sex Ed Cartoons, you might be shocked!

When our Children wander, it is not because they are at fault.

We have allowed Children free range, in a Toxic Digital wasteland.

Any wonder why things end up poorly?

Ask yourselves, is this is all true or just a dream?

Coffins and Tombstones speak a language that we mostly ignore.

Instead of uplifting our Spirits, we worry about Death.

As we are lowered into the ground and rest in Peace, we hope

not to be forgotten, until we meld with our Planet.

What is wrong with Society when we are more Popular Dead than Alive?

Maybe, Black Holes, are just a massive collections of Galactic human Ego's.

Swallowing up Galaxies.

Yes, on Mothers Day, Question More, Judge less.

"Blessed are the Meek, for they shall Inherit the Earth".

Truth starved Populations

that don't feel any Hunger,

Satiated by Mainstream Propaganda

We are living through times when information and detail Raise Suspicion

Where there is little News on TV, replaced by Info-tainment and Scripted Narratives

If you dare be Nice to someone, they immediately distrust.

You make space on the road, and the other driver just idles, expecting no courtesy...

Where real Journalists struggle to have their work presented without redactions.

An era of righteous, uninformed, Twitter & Facebook posting, aggressive, keyboard know-in-alls

Just where the informed and the educated are ridiculed, rebuked, made into zeroes
(just Google the Matt Lauer - Tom Cruise Interview)

Our only alternative is YouTUBE and even here, the information is available as a thick soup

of Lies and Truth, and requires the viewers to decide and filter out the B.S.

Censorship has always occured, but today we label it as Conspiracy Theory and just block kit

The Movie "Don't Look Up" is not so much Hollywood, but a major statement about our status-quo

We have now been herded, into a redacted alternate reality, as part of a "herd mentality"

So... the Book below, explains exactly this status-quo... a great read if you want

to understand how our Information Society does not care about Information and Facts....

What we label the Mainstream Media is just that, Media, not fact, news or truth

Carefully manicured scripts from "top shelf" back room proof-readers who farm out

what is politically correct and filter out most of the Truth.

Free journalists are not on staff at any major news network

They used to be, but are not allowed the freedom to report to us what they find

We get a redacted version that considers Shareholder Interest

The few good one's who get fed-up, leave.

News is rare, but a Shortwave Radio is a lifeline everybody should own and use daily.

"The Death of Expertise" - Tom Nichols - A GOOD WEEKEND READ

Insights into our Future from our Past

This little known Book holds the secrets to what we are living.

The title is deceptive, the contents revealing.

Don't allow the title to fool you into Conspiracy Theories

In this Book. are many insights into how Civilizations Rise and Fall

Dropping Birth Rates & Maunder Minimum's

Are we are next in the queue of Urantia?

High-End Audio; from my perspective

High-End Audio in my view is great for a few who;

"A hobby where, the listener, using high resolution sound reproduction equipment, can

isolate, identify or discover audible deficiencies, in poorly recorded Music (material)

 while also enjoying super accurate, full range music reproduction"

Ergo: My Webspace is not about Hi-End Audio

Welcome to the Pole Shift of 2036... maybe....

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