Technical Vacuum Tube Audio

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My Bio & Hands-On Vacuum Tube Amplifier Experiences

2021 Projects

Hand crafted Boutique Guitar Amplifier

My very First NeoClassic 30 Tube Amp Head

This amp has amazing Tone and Texture

Mullard 5-20 "Re-Cap" with upgrade to the "Cathode Circuit"

Fixed a bad 50uF/50V Electrolytic NOS Sprague Cathode Bypass, was leaky

AIKIDO Preamp "Dual-Choke" PSU upgrade plus...

Eliminated the experimental "Dual 12X4" Reg/Unreg Power Supply

Introduced a second Inductor for additional DC smoothing

Paper-in-Oil 0.22uF Output Capacitors

Black Beauty ALPS NOS 250K Stereo Control from when you could find a real one

Iconoclast Dynaco ST-35

Removed Diodes, installed 5AR4 Tube and Hammond Plate/Filament Transformer

A smooth operator, but this cannot fit into small stock ST-35, sorry.

2022 in the "queue"

 Hammond/Leslie/Wurlitzer Church musings

Pro-bono Christian projects on Saturdays @ local houses of worship.

Schematic vault

A Winter "scanning" project currently in the works.

Transcendent Sound Stereo Cathode Follower SE Amplifier

A last-call chassis & toroid purchase from Transcendent Sound

Uses a pair of One Electron SE OPT's

Plan to start this build the week after Christmas to finish in Jan 2021

A Home Brew Stereo 6L6/KT-66 Amplifier

A decade's old project, looking for a classic schematic

This one has taken 4ever. I have a pair of EDCOR OPT's

It is a classic start to a potentially cool Stereo Amplifier

CAT SL-1 Stereo Preamplifier KIT

The definition of procrastination, another delayed effort

I have some drilling and PC board work to do

My second NeoClassic30 Amplifier build

My next variant will use 6V6 Output Tubes

I want to listen to a common Power Tube

2023 the Future

An ST-35 with ACROSOUND NOS 4-8-16 OPT's

 I have a pair of Classic NOS Acrosound Output Transformers waiting on a build

This one promises to have better frequency response that the current Z565, we shall see (and hear)

Stereo E80L/6227 Amp with Hammond 10K OPT's

In the works a Stereo E80L/6227 Amplifier with 10,000 Hour European Pentodes

Many years ago, I came upon a large stash of AMPEREX E80L/6227 Pentodes

This one promises to be a sweet amp for High Efficiency Speakers


Website was launched on January of the year 2002


Tube Enthusiast Must Have Accessory

My trusted, Portable, & Calibrated EICO 667 Tube Tester

Weeds out Worn, Leaky or Shorted Tubes

Quick, Portable & Simple, robustly built to last decades

If you enjoy Tube amps, you really NEED a tube tester

Going at this hobby blind, without a Tube Tester, is no fun

I was in this space for 2 years, then I purchased the unit below in 1998

You can find many different similar used Tube testers for sale on Ebay

A simple Tube Tester saves time, and also your equipment